Catholic Health Care

The Heart of Catholic Health Care

At the heart of Catholic health care is a deep respect for the intrinsic value and dignity of every human being and a commitment to serving all people. The footprint of Catholic health care on the Canadian health system is vast. Millions of Canadians seek care and services at Catholic health facilities each year, and they respond with compassion, innovation, and patient-centeredness. These contributions make the Canadian health care system, and Canadian society, stronger. Catholic health care institutions are inspired by the example of our Founding Sisters – visionary women who for generations advocated and cared for the most destitute people in their communities. This ministry has become our mission.

There are distinctive elements of Catholic health care identity that are present to ensure the Catholic identity of the organization is expressed. These elements include:

  • Carrying on the healing ministry of Jesus
  • Envisioning health care as ministry
  • Expressing Gospel values
  • Respecting human dignity
  • Adhering to the Health Ethics Guide
  • Demonstrating a preferential option for the vulnerable
  • Fostering a holistic vision of healthcare
  • Providing high quality health care
  • Promoting the common good
  • Following the example of the founding Sisters
  • Being dedicated to social justice

Times change and the future beckons. Lay persons with diverse professional skills and backgrounds are stepping into leadership roles to continue the work of the founding congregations, respond to the challenges of the modern world, and lay groundwork for the future of Catholic health care. Now it’s the era of the laity.
Baptismal Call of the Laity: Carrying out the Healing Mission Today
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