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Mission & Values


To sustain the hospitals, hospices and other ministries sponsored by the Society to further the care that the Sisters of St. Joseph established through their long and honoured history that maintains the healing mission of Jesus and to sponsor and support other initiatives that improve the health of the community within the Diocese of London.


As a Catholic Health Care sponsor we are purpose-driven with the following Catholic values providing the foundation to the work we do:

Human Dignity

All persons have an intrinsic dignity and worth that is independent of what any other person thinks or says about them.


Spirituality can be religious or non-religious and includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and often involves searching for meaning in life.

Social Justice

We advocate for vulnerable people, their families, and caregivers, as well as our employees, and provide leadership in serving vulnerable populations to help meet their health care needs.

Compassionate Care

People seek our care and services at moments of vulnerability, particularly at end-of-life. We must reach out with kindness, attentiveness and thoughtfulness

Respect for Life

We honor life from the point of conception to the moment of natural death and will not interfere with this cycle by shortening, compromising the quality of life or by destroying life.

Responsible Stewardship

Related to accountability, stewardship is delegated authority and responsibility for resources in our care, including the physical and financial resources as well as the time, effort, and commitment of employees and volunteers.